5 Hair Styling Mistakes That Can Add Years To Person’s Age. Interesting Facts To Know

There are many different types of haircuts, colors, and accessories for the hair. However, not all of them suit all people. There are factors to consider before deciding on a hair style, such as face type, skin tone, and size of the eyes and forehead among others. If we make the wrong choice, we could end up looking years older… And nobody wants that, right?

Here, we bring you a list of 5 mistakes that people make with their hair. They can make your face look older.

1. Too short.

If you have healthy hair, there’s no reason to cut it too short. Doing so always adds a couple of years to your appearance. If you’ve already decided to do it, choose something fashionable and add highlights.

2. Too long.

If your hair is too long, the weight can cause your facial features to fall. If you want to keep it long, ask the stylist to remove the weight, add some layers, and trim the ends.

3. Fear to lighten your hair.

Dark hair makes your facial features look harsher. To cover this up a little, it’s good to lighten your hair by one or two tones. Don’t be scared!

4. Fear to darken your hair.

If you have light-colored hair, the same color as your skin, you look older and more pale. You don’t have to make it dark but add some darker tones of blonde for contrast.

5. Problem with gray hair.

Gray hair doesn’t necessarily have to be dyed as long as it maintains hydrated and vibrant tone. Gray and dull hair definitely adds years to your appearance. You can balance this out with some blonde highlights.

With these tips, we hope you make an appropriate choice regarding your hairstyle, which helps you look happy and more energetic.

Source: Fabiosa

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