65-year-old lady lost 37 Kg and shares her secrets. She guarantees it is possible

You know that when you reach middle age your metabolism slows down and it’s more difficult to lose weight. But it’s not all true and a lady proved it.

You really can enjoy your family, especially your grandchildren, and enjoy life in general even if you take as much time as you wish to rest. You can do all that while still looking after your health, as this grandmother from Michigan, in the USA, has done.

A lot of people think that getting old is akin to losing one’s life. But, Terry Reuer, an American lady, decided to improve her life after she reached 60 years of age. She succeeded in getting in better shape and improving her health in less than 12 months, and more so than she had anticipated.

In just 12 monts, she lost approximately 37 kg at the age of 65. When Terry thought about changing her life, she took the challenge seriously.

So she changed her eating habits and devoted herself to physical exercise as if she were still young. One year later, she really feels she has improved her quality of life. “It’s never too late to better oneself — no matter how old you are,” Terry told the TV program “Today”.

Reuer also remembers that she hadn’t gotten overweight overnight, she gained weight gradually, year after year. Because she had the opportunity to travel a lot and usually ate in various airports and restaurants, without even realizing it, she was already weighing 90 kg.

When she saw all her five siblings had started to develop health problems due to their weight, Terry realized she had to change her lifestyle radically. But you know that’s not an easy process, so Teryy thought.

“In the beginning, I really wanted to eat sugar, but the urge disappeared after a few weeks,” she added.

The changes in her eating habits alone caused an impact: 22 kilos lost. “After having lost that much weight, I knew it was time to start going to the gym.”

Even though she had to struggle in the early days because of her age, Terry did not give up. “My heart rate was too high and my balance was horrible.”

In the end, she lost almost 37 kg and today she is in better physical shape than many teens out there. Her health? It goes without saying that she is doing great! The North American recalls that motivation is all you need to push yourself forward. After that, you have to forget about your age.

Her most important piece of advice is: “Rid yourself of the negative people in your life.” Sometimes, within the family itself, as it was in her case, not only do a lot of people fail to support you, they will also try to undermine your efforts.

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