80-Year-Old Grandma Asked Her Granddaughter For A Makeup, Then She Became The New Internet Sensation

An 80-year-old woman asked her granddaughter for a makeup, but she didn’t expect that she’ll become the new Internet star!

Tea Flego, a talented makeup artist, transformed her grandma into a much younger woman with the power of a clever makeup. This was supposed to be a showcase of the artist’s incredible contouring skills have also turned out to be a heartwarming proof of granddaughter and grandmother special bond.

Now granny Livia is known across the Internet as Glam-Ma and she’s enjoying the attention and her new look.

She wanted to do something new and fun


So she asked her granddaughter for a makeup


Livia loves the popularity and she really enjoys her new life


“I love my granny Livia,” says Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego


In return, the grandma helps Tea find some new followers


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