A Fitness Trainer Shows That Photography Angles Make A Lot Of Difference For Body Image

Don’t you think that we often keep underestimating our body, taking fitness more seriously? Yes! we do it often. We roam naked in our room when alone and in front of the mirror, we watch us completely from different angles and then a chain of negative thoughts starts forming in our head. We think all about our bulging tummy coming out when we sit or the skin that gets bunch up when we twist. And then what? we get a reason of sadness for the entire day, plan out the gym and low calories food.

But, do you know this is how we are structured; it happens for a reason. Don’t believe me, just watch… yes! just watch these pictures of an insta-chic and a fitness trainer Anna Victoria. She is sharing pictures of herself from different angles, just to convey a message, “don’t criticize yourself.”


She is Anna Victoria.

Yes! she is looking glamorous and perfectly fit from all the angles.

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But, she shares her different side too.

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She wants her followers to know the truth about the body movement.

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She shares pictures of her bulging tummy when she sits.

So, there are imperfections even in a perfect thing.

Never wish for much, sometimes we don’t have an eye for the right thing.

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