Artist Gives Sick Kids Free Tattoos To Entertain Their Life In Hospital

An artist from New Zealand, Benjamin Lloyd, posted on his Facebook account that if he gets 50 likes on the post, he will give all the kids at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital free tattoos.

Everybody was excited about this idea and he got over 400,000 of them!


He did what he promised, but don’t worry! The tattoos are just temporary. The artist started his career for fun, and only for adults, but when someone suggested him to do them also for children, he trough it is a great idea!

“Nothing brings me more joy than boosting kids confidence with a custom tattoo,” said Lloyd on Facebook. “The only bad thing is that they don’t want to take a shower afterwards.”

Check out his work on these happy kids!


Don’t they look awesome?


They look really happy


And this artist is very talented!


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