At The Age Of 21, She Weighed 330 Pounds. But Now, Her Transformation Is Inspiring Everybody Online!

Maintaining a healthy weight is not only important for our own confidence, but also to prevent future health problems and improve our physical condition. But sometimes, stress and a lack of time place us in a vicious cycle regarding food, and we lose all perspective of ourselves. That sums up Astrid’s story.


A year and a half ago, the young 22-year-old lady decided to weigh herself. She knew she was overweight, but she wasn’t expecting the result shown on the scale 330 pounds. From that moment, Astrid made the decision to do something for her body and change her life forever. She began working out and eating much more healthily.

In just a year and a half, she lost 185 pounds, all because of consistency, will power, and a lot of effort. Astrid says that ever since she was a little girl, she had an unhealthy relationship with food. She preferred junk food and would lie to her parents about what she had eaten. During high school, the problem got worse, as she would go out to parties and drink alcohol.

Over time, Astrid realized that by eating healthier, she had more energy and was better able to make the most of it. The 22-year-old worked out 6 days per week. Of course, with the constant weight loss, she was left with a lot of excess skin. Her only choice was to resort to surgery. So, in the spring of 2017, doctors removed 7 pounds of skin from around her stomach.

Astrid is now happy with her body and has documented her transformation step-by-step on her Instagram account. Although she still has excess skin in some areas, she insists that it’s part of the process, and she isn’t embarrassed about it.

Her relationship with food and life in general has changed a lot. So much so, that she is now inspiring thousands of people to choose to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Source: Fabiosa

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