Beauty tricks of 20th century Hollywood’s famous actresses. Marilyn Monroe had the most interesting one

Hollywood was from the very first day a place where the most beautiful women went to change their luck.

If nowadays we can’t imagine the world without Google or Botox, there were periods of time before that when the most known actresses used some interesting techniques to preserve their beauty and to stay flawless.

We are so used today to have a great foundation that covers everything, blush, highlighter, mascara or concealer. In the ’40’s or ’50’ these products were not available for anyone and some of them were invented later.

Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, and Marlene Dietrich were the queens of natural beautifying techniques. They did it without resorting to chemicals or surgical intervention. Thus, modern women may take their techniques into account.

1. Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich, the woman who seduced the world with her mysterious gaze and oozed sensuality, spent a fortune on wigs. Marlene didn’t have the nicest natural hair, so she chose to hide it instead of showing her true self to the world. She did this by resorting to wigs. To polish them, the actress used gold dust. At a cost of 60 dollars per ounce (the equivalent of $824 today), Marlene made sure her wigs looked shiny and full every single day. Each one of them required half an ounce.

2. Joan Crawford

The Oscar-winning actress was always worried about showing her firm, soft skin. But Joan also wanted to conserve the brightness of her eyes like those of a schoolgirl. To get this effect, she had a very unusual but effective routine. The actress used to wash her eyes with a boric acid solution, better known as baking soda. It’s not really outlandish, keeping in mind that baking soda, in addition to being a good antiseptic, helps remove stains.

Joan also had a beauty routine for her hair: 6 raw eggs and a little red wine. No, it’s not a cocktail, rather a natural shampoo to help give shine, silkiness, and life to the hair.

Joan also used facial masks once per week. It was her strict routine. Her favorite mask was oatmeal, honey, and water.

3. Marilyn Monroe

This actress’ main concern was her breasts. For this reason, she refused to be separated from her bras. She didn’t even take her bra off during a sleep. The actress also had another secret to give firmness to her breasts. She placed some buttons inside of her bra.

Monroe was a beauty expert, knowing how to look beautiful and unique. This can be seen in her characteristic lip color. A mixture she found thanks to her patience and ingenuity. It’s said that the actress could take up to 1 hour just to makeup her lips. She would carefully mix every tone, delicately highlighting each zone. Sometimes, one needs to put in extra effort to find just the right color they’re looking for.

Source: Dailymail

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