Behind This Picture There Is A Touching Story That Will Tear Your Heart

Photography resembles a silent movie. You can look at a picture for a long time figuring out the story behind it. However, sometimes there’s no need to turn to your fantasy because a shot has already embodied a piece of someone’s life, someone’s incredible tale making you cry or laugh. The story of this family can seem a miracle, but nevertheless, it is absolutely true!


Having learned they would become parents, Hector and Katherine got indescribable excited. However, when the woman was eight months pregnant, her husband died.

Both mom and baby, who never saw her father, hardly managed to survive that terrible accident and find the strength to move on. When the girl was finally born, the woman decided to mark that event by photographing the newborn. An old granny Catherine’s friend, Kim Stone, was invited as a photographer.

One of the photos came out incredibly touching and emotional. As a reminder of her father, Aubrey was wrapped in his gear, gloves, and helmet. That made her feel as if she was lulled by her dad, ready to protect his little girl even from the heaven, and eventually, she smiled!

Thanks to Kim this touching story became viral falling on deeply moved hearts of thousands of people.

This case was even covered in newspapers worldwide. No doubt, Aubrey has her own guardian angel!

Source: fabiossa.com

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