“Being a mom isn’t a real job”: A mom writes a brilliant response to a mean media comment

Anna Strode is one of those modern moms who shares her life on Instagram. Thanks to the photos of herself working out in the company of her kids, she has become something of a digital celebrity. This beautiful mother of twins and expecting a third wasn’t ready to see one comment she received online.

This comment which she received a few days ago on one of her favorite photos left her totally devastated. One of her followers wrote the following on one of her photos:

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“I wish I could stay home all day and work out with my son, but instead I have to go to my job and work”.

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In response to the comment, Anna, who in her single days was a successful marketing executive, decided to reply in the most positive way possible:

“Last week somebody made a comment on my page, and you know what? It upset me. It cut deep and even though I try my best to stay positive, this hurt. It basically said, “I wish I could stay at home all day and work out with my son, but instead I have to go to my job and WORK.” Work?! You think I don’t work?! You think I sit down all day at home, twiddling my thumbs? You think that two 22-month-old boys allow me to put my feet up all day after working out in the morning? You think that I’m full of energy with a baby growing in my belly and trying to keep up with two boys running circles around me?”

Of course, that wasn’t the end of it. Her frustration was such that she decided to add much more to her commentary:

Oh, and did I mention the constant battle of playing referee ALL day between two little monkeys who — guess what — DON’T play peacefully and entertain each other all day? Just so you know, twins don’t do that! Maybe when they’re older! I certainly hope so, but not now. I literally can’t take my eyes off of them for most of the day. They’re best friends, but they need constant supervision.”

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Anna didn’t hold back at all. She finished off with a memorable closing comment:

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Before having babies, I worked in marketing. The pressure and role were difficult, but NOTHING compares to the demands we have as mothers. When somebody assumes that my life is easy because they go to work and I don’t, I get upset. […] Please, I beg you, NEVER underestimate how hard moms who stay at home work! We do it because we love it, but often we do it with tears in our eyes, with our head in our hands crying, and with a huge feeling of loneliness. I’m not saying I or anybody else works harder than others. What I am saying is that ALL of us work hard.

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