Bloated Belly Of A Fitness Model Opens Up What No One Knows About An Ideal Body

Some people have quite an unusual body peculiarity. There are days when their absolutely flat belly suddenly turns into a full-on “beer” tummy. Moreover, it happens regardless of what they eat or drink.

It may seem strange, but even fit men and women regularly doing sports suffer from this sudden bloating. This results in both inconvenience while picking up clothes, and embarrassment when strolling along the street.


It turns out that even fitness models suffer from such bloating. Fitness blogger Tiffany Brien is also familiar with this disorder and shared everything she knows about this bloat on her Facebook page.

To show what she regularly faces, she published 2 photos taken 12 hours apart.

The first photo was taken before going to bed, and the second next morning as soon as she woke up. The difference between those two is obvious.

“Our life differs from what it looks like on photographs in social networks”, she wrote. “I wanted to share this photo with you to show there are no perfect people. It’s okay if you have bad days, when your body takes an off day. Don’t worry girls, it can happen even to the best of us.”

Brien blamed the bloat on “a lack of sleep, stress, hormones and improper diet”. She fought with this for several years.

The girl was very annoyed that bloating occurred at any time, even when she ate only healthy food.

“Sometimes your body suddenly ceases to tolerate the food you used to opt for earlier. You just have to work it out. Do you think it’s funny? Not at all.”

Brien realized the food wasn’t the issue. However, stress was rather capable of affecting her body.

“Stress is a killer. I have a nervous and hard work presupposing a lot of stressful situations I cope with every day. I like my job, and I wouldn’t change it, but I need to find time to relax and get rid of stress in order to give my body time to recover after a hard day at the office.”

To minimize sudden bloat, Brien began to blog about activities and exercises that help reduce stress. It looks like she worked it out. She started leading healthier life and help others do so.

“I know exactly what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it. However, it’s challenging to do that on a regular basis and change your life. I do try to sleep more, relax and watch my diet (not reduced, but balanced). There are actual improvements, and I’ll be further sharing tips and pictures about this.”

Brien hopes that her new life and fitness addiction will encourage other and help them combat stress each day, as well as understand what adverse impact it has on our body.

Source: Fabiosa

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