Boy Wears A Uniform To School To Honor His Brother, Which Makes Him Feel Deeply Touched When He Returns

Often, people underestimate the role of militaries in our lives. We don’t see them every day, but that’s just because they are busy protecting us and our kids. Sometimes, they are not even on the territory of our country, but they do their job only to keep us safe.

Unfortunately, people just either don’t know that or don’t want to acknowledge the fact. However, the families of the military still live among us and need our support. Only the kids of soldiers know how hard it is when your father is away for months. And in addition to the pressure they already have, sometimes, we add up even more.


11-year-old Aaron has a brother, Isaiah Picklesimer, who is a military. He is often away from home, and that’s why the boy misses him a lot. He understands how important his job is for the society and feels sad about the pressure put on the military.

One day, Aaron was so sad and asked his mom to wear a military uniform to school. Here’s what his mother said:

“I encouraged him to do what made his heart feel better, but warned him some kids may have something negative to say.”

After the boy came from school, his mom saw him very sad. Unfortunately, her son got bullied because of the uniform. On that day, she wrote a letter and posted it on Facebook:

“I am livid that my son was mocked all day for supporting his Navy brother. I am angry that he had to be put down for something that made him feel less sad today. I am sad that kids are so cruel to others, KNOWING they wouldn’t want anything like this done to them. I am disappointed that parents don’t teach their children that bullying is wrong.

So, to the kids who don’t know my son, I hope this post finds your parents. I hope you learn how your rude, hateful words made a kid already sad feel even worse. I hope you learn that bullying is not ok. I hope you aren’t treated the way you treat others.”

Soon, it went viral, and lots of people supported the mom and her son in wearing the uniform. What is more, one of their neighbors expressed his wish to wear his grandfather’s uniform to school as well.

But the most fascinating thing was that Aaron’s brother was given a permission to drive home and meet his beloved brother! Here’s the video about how it went!

Just watch it and share this awesome story with your friends and family!

Source: Fabiosa.com

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