Bride Surprises Her Grandma With The Wedding Dress. The Elderly Woman Immediately Recognizes It

There are many sweet moments during wedding ceremonies. One of them is when a groom sees his bride in her beautiful dress walking down the aisle. Most photographers capture this ‘first look’ as a man’s reaction is one the couple will cherish forever. However, in this case, the bride decided to capture her grandma’s ‘first look’ on camera.


Jordyn Jenson had a big surprise for her grandmother on her wedding day. Instead of choosing her own dress, she decided to wear the gown that her grandma wore decades ago.

Photographer, Kortney Peterson, said that it was a moment that was really emotional for her. She shared the pictures on the Love What Matters Facebook page where she mentioned that it was very emotional for her. She wrote,

“A first look unlike any other I’ve done before.…Between this sweet bride and her grandma. The bride secretly got her widowed grandma’s dress from 1962 and is wearing it for her big day. Grandma had zero idea! Yes. You guessed it. I bawled.”

Jordyn said that wearing her grandma’s dress was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. She had developed the idea for a while and had made her decision to wear it two years ago. According to her, it broke her heart that the beautiful dress had just been sitting there for 55 years. It was her way of doing something special for her grandmother while also giving the dress another chance to shine.

Penny, the grandmother, could not believe her own eyes when she saw her granddaughter. Jordyn said that her grandmother was in tears.

Penny’s reaction was very sweet. She said to her grandchild, “I married my high school sweetheart in this … and now so will you.”

Unfortunately, Jordyn never got to meet her grandfather who passed before she was born. However, she made everything to make her grandmother happy. Good job!


Source: fabiossa.com

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