Bridesmaid with a big heart jumps into the lake at the wedding to save something really special

It’s such an important thing to be a bridesmaid and you do everything so that your friend has a special day.

As a rule, all brides to be plan their wedding from their early years, and it’s hard to them even to imagine something may go wrong on that day.

The world knows a lot of funny stories at weddings. There are those about a huge cake falling down on the floor or bride tearing her gown. But all these happened involuntarily. This story below if far more funny.

The incident at the wedding of Hannah West and Mark Jefferies was a well-thought-over decision of a maid of honor.

The wedding ceremony was held at Dumbleton Hall in England. Rosie Hardy, a photographer, was shooting the newlyweds and their guests when she saw something strange in the lake in front of her. She made a choice instantly.

Bride’s sister, Faye West, didn’t think twice before she took off her high-heels and jumped into the water. She scared the black swan off, took the little bird, and returned to its parents.

The hero returned to the shore to the cheers of all the guests! We can only guess how happy and grateful the mom goose was to the woman who saved her little kid.

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