Couple Tells Their Relatives That They’re Going To Adopt Four Kids: Their Reactions Are Priceless

When Tammy and Drew Waltz decided to adopt, they shared the great news with their family and friends in an unusual way. They wanted to remember these moments and be able to show them to their kids, so they filmed the reactions of the family! And it is an incredible act when people adopt children, they give them a chance for a happy life! Just look at these famous families who have so many kids including adopted:


In this touching video, Tammy and Drew inform the relatives and friends that they are going to adopt four siblings from Eastern Europe. The reactions are priceless, because the people are so excited, and Tammy’s Grandma Madge even bursts into tears.

The couple always had a plan to adopt, even before they met. When they hosted three brothers and a sister through Open Hearts and Homes for Children last Christmas, they realized that these kids were their family. Even though the boys, aged 8, 9 and 11, and their sister, 13, don’t speak English, they manage to communicate in a fun way, using sign language and different apps to help them.

Having spent five weeks together, the children had to return to Eastern Europe, and Tammy and Drew understood they were missing these kids.

“After seeing the kids off at the airport as they headed back to Eastern Europe, we instantly noticed how quiet our lives were once again. We found ourselves missing the sounds of giggling, broken English, and remote control cars racing through the house. These sounds filled our home with so much life for those few weeks.”

Of course, the couple had some hesitation initially, because of adopting four children at once, but when they met them, they simply knew they were their children.

Tammy, a worship director at a ministry, understands the skepticism of many people about the adoption of several kids, but, fortunately, her and Drew’s families are supportive, as we can clearly see in the video. She says:

“Kids are worth the work. You are giving life to someone.”

Currently, Tammy and Drew are waiting for a court decision to finalize the adoption. They say:

“Don’t let fear deter you. These kids can overcome anything with love.”

Watch the video to see the emotional reactions, that will make your heart melt!


Source: fabiossa.com

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