Dad Loses Control of Truck, Dies in River. Then Cops Realize What Happened 4 Years Earlier

Jesse Bullock Sr., a 37-year-old from Illinois, was driving one day, when he lost control of his car. He plummeted into Edwards River, dying before rescue teams were able to reach him.

According to his obituary, Bullock was a Navy veteran and a volunteer firefighter before his death. His wife and two children were heartbroken at their loss.

Police investigated the situation to find out the reason Bullock crashed. As of now, the police are not sharing whether or not they’ve determined a cause.

During the investigation, though, police found a chilling fact. Bullock wasn’t the first person to die in that river.

In fact, Bullock wasn’t the only person from his family to die in that river, police found. Four years earlier, Bullock lost two of his sons in the same spot at which he crashed.

Jesse Bullock Jr., 12 years old, and his 9-year-old brother Nic were playing in the river one summer afternoon. They had been working all week in the fields, and took to the water to beat the heat.

The boys were in the shallow water when they took one step too far. Both of them fell into a deceptively deep hole, which dropped 15 feet under the shallow water.

Their father told WQAD, “We knew the risk of letting them go down there, but we’re country boys. That hot summer day; you go down to the creek and go fishing, go swimming, relax.”

The couple’s 6-year-old son, Thomas, watched helplessly as the whole thing happened. A cousin tried to save the boys, and the parents claim he’s the reason their youngest made it.

Now, the Bullock family is experiencing loss once again by the hands of the same river that killed those two boys. Bullock’s wife and remaining children are mourning the death of their husband and father.

This story is tragically coincidental, as one of the police noted in his comments. Although they have experienced tremendous loss over the past few years, the Bullock family remains resilient in these hard times.


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