Dad who lost his puppies opens mysterious envelope, he sees picture on front and starts bawling

It’s so hard to lose a pet and everyone who experienced this pain knows exactly how difficult it is. Pets really are a huge part of many families, and losing a beloved pet often feels like losing a family member.

One man recently lost his two Bichon Frise dogs, named Nemo and Lucy. He was distraught and had a hard time working through the grief of losing his two best friends. So his family decided to try to lift him out of his depression by gifting him a brand new puppy to love.


His daughter approaches him with a special envelope. When he starts reading the card, he can’t believe his eyes! On the front of the card is a puppy just like the one’s he lost. But when he looks inside he bursts into tears.

His daughter takes over and reads the card:

“Hi my name is Lumo. I am a boy Bichon. No, I am not Nemo, nor could I ever be Lucy. My mommy bought me to bring you some happiness back into your life. So as we walk on this journey of life together, may we create our own wonderful memories and remember the beautiful memories that you had with Nemo and Lucy.



Then Lumo appears and does everything the family hoped he would. Their Dad has found something to love and he started to cry.

His daughter uploaded the video to Facebook along with the message: “Bringing happiness back into my father’s life after the loss of our two beloved dogs Nemo & Lucy. Welcome to the family Lumo.”

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