Despite their age, this couple found love at 90 years old and got married. Her request to marry him is incredible

It’s never too late to find your true love, even if you think that person will never appear.

Love truly is the most sublime feeling in the world, and it can even beat the barrier of age! There is no time to be happy! And that is what this beautiful couple did: the 98-year-old lady and her partner, 94, got to know each other at the gym and got married.

It seems increbible, but is a true story and you’ll love it. Her name is Gertrude Mokotoff and his name is Alvin Mann. They met at the gym doing their weekly exercises. Then, a mutual friend decided to end the distance between them and introduced them to each other.

So they started meeting more often, flirting, dating, and then Gertrude took the initiative: “I had to ask him to marry me,” she confesses.

Alvin responds with good humor: “I thought I was too young for her.”

The wedding took place in July of 2017 with the support from the town hall of Middletown, a small town in the state of New York. It was a surprise to both of the families that together have seven sons and daughters, and another 19 members with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. No one believed that Gertrude and Alvin would marry again, but they did and they are extremely happy because they can be together for the rest of their lives.

And if you think they were not responsible, you are wrong, as Gertrude made it clear that Alvin had to finish a history course at the college before tying the knots.

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So that’s their story:

“She’s 98. And he’s 94. Gertrude Mokotoff and Alvin Mann were introduced 8 years ago at a gym in Middletown, New York, where they still work out twice a week. “I kept getting teased about dating a cougar,” Alvin said. “But the age difference never really bothered me because we just hit it off, and I wasn’t about to let her go.”

In June, after one of their many late-night drives home from the @metopera in Manhattan, Gertrude decided to buck tradition. “I asked him to marry me,” she said with a chuckle. “I was tired of chasing after him.” Both widowed from previous marriages, they have 7 children, 12 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren between them.

“Age doesn’t mean a damn thing to me or to Gert,” Alvin said. “We don’t see it as a barrier. We still do what we want to do in life.” What keeps them young? “Of course, one part of it is medical science,” Alvin told @nytimes. “But the bigger part is that we live worry-free lives; we do not let anything we cannot control bother us in the least.” @justin.gilliland photographed their wedding earlier this month”.

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