Diners from a restaurant see a grandma in parking lot acting strangely and soon they discover what she’s doing in there

It’s said that you can reach 100 years old if you act younger than your age and a lady knows exactly what to do. Images of her dancing became viral.

So imagine you’re in a restaurant, eating quietly. Maybe you ordered a club sandwich, maybe a garlic sea bass, accompanied by a side of fries, and an orangeade made with mineral water. Then, you pause and look outside the window and see something unusual.

Outside, a grandma is acting strangely. The door of her car opens, and there must be a song playing on her radio, but you’re too far away to hear anything…

Then, you notice the grandma starts dancing and she knows what she’s doing. Each movement flows into the next, and she’s taking off. Her heart flies free, there’s a huge smile on her face, and she dances like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, the diners who witnessed and filmed this didn’t even try to hold back their laughter. She really knows how to move and feel great.

We should do that once in a while and we’ll have a better day.

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