Fitness blogger shares ‘too thin’ and ‘too fat’ snaps. It goes viral for the best reason

A fitness blogger urges social media fans to ignore negative comments online and she has won an “army” of 260,000 followers for her “realistic” uploads. In her latest post, which has secured over 21,000 likes, the 24-year-old shared a “too thin” and “too fat” image of herself.

The caption: “How is bodyshaming still happening? I hate giving negative comments air time but it infuriates me to see ‘you’re too fat to wear those trousers’ on a recent post of mine.

“It doesn’t upset me at all it just makes me angry that there are still humans out there that feel the need to comment on someone’s body in a negative way.

“When I was the size in the left photo I had people telling me I was ‘too thin’ and ‘needing feeding up’. It is unacceptable either way, ‘too thin’ or ‘too fat’.”

Chessie’s approach to Instagram comes after a recent study which shows scrolling through Instagram for just 30 minutes a day is enough to make women hate their bodies.

Talking about the purpose of her Instagram, she added: “I use my platform to support girls and guys from all ages, I share my stories, I tell my journey and I try to help people.

“Let’s put an end to this & let’s start talking more positively about the qualities in someone that actually mean something.

“Please promise me, you will never ever ever let a negative comment like that get to you because it is a waste of time and you are so much better than that.”

Fans on her account took to praise her picture, with one user, Sweetshanice saying: “It’s sad that people still thing this way. Especially when it’s not their own body. Your progress is great and your body is beautiful.”

Another person, keishamae_w added: “Everyone is beautiful, everyone is different and should embrace who they are regardless of small minded people.”

A third cece6203 wrote: “Too fat!? Wow people crack me up! Would love to know what those bodyshamers think of themselves… your body looks healthy and you look healthy and happy.”

Last month, the body confident beauty exclusively confessed to Daily Star Online everything about her photos.

She said: “I have never airbrushed my photos, the most I do is up the contract and saturation. I did one social media post to show a ‘fake’ and ‘real’ side-by-side photo to show how some people can retouch their photos in just a few seconds with dramatic changes.

“I wanted younger girls to realise not everyone looks as perfect as they do on Instagram. There wasn’t anyone on Instagram I could relate too and it didn’t help with my body confidence.”

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