Fitness Blogger’s Before And After Photos Show That Your Weight Is Just A Number

Those women who struggle with weight, count each calorie, work out 3 hours a day and weight on a daily basis definitely need to review their wellness schedule, as such tough program is likely to do more harm than benefit. As recently as the 1990s, fitness coaches all over the world promoted friendship with bathroom scale, because it was necessary to monitor every gram you had a misfortune to gain. Fortunately, recent data steadily change awareness of sports fans and extra kilos fighters, and it’s no longer a secret that your scale is playing games with you.

It peacefully sits in different locations like a bathroom, a kitchen or a bedroom and silently asks you to step on just before your shower. The temptation is rather big, and you give in hoping that banana smoozie you had for breakfast yesterday did clean out your system. Which raises a new hope that you’ll be half-pound lighter. Maybe.

Should you once fall prey to this trick, you’re doomed. For fitness blogger and interior designer Kelsey Wells, that lesson took time to learn. During her pregnancy, the woman gained more than 50 pounds and eventually decided to reclaim her body.

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After 84 continuous weeks of hard workouts, Wells posted photos showing her start weight (144 pounds), weight two months after delivery (122 pounds) and current weight (140 pounds). Three photos illustrate her progress, and that weight is just a number, not a god to worship.

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Today, Kelsey’s weight is four pounds different from what she had before starting her exercise program, but the body has undergone significant transformation. During the first months, weight dropped dramatically due to fat loss, but as she became more toned, it came back because of muscle mass she got. Muscle tissues aren’t heavier that fat, yet they are denser, which means they add you pounds.

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Wells recommends everyone not to bother jumping on scale every free minute, but to take full-body progress shots instead. Your goal should be not to fit into the skinniest jeans you have, but to build a strong, flexible and healthy body for good.

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