Get Rid Of The Terrible Smell In Your Washing Machines With This Simple Trick

When a household appliance stops working, you definitely feel frustrated. The typical budget is usually not planned for a household appliance replacement or repair even if the appliance has stopped working due to dirtiness, human error or mechanical failure.

One especially annoying problem is when your clothes smell like mildew after you have just taken them out of the washing machine. Luckily, there is a solution for this problem that involves only two ingredients. These ingredients will help you clean the unreachable parts of the washing machine from dirt.

When the washing machine requires cleaning, most people decide to buy a new one as the cleaning process requires calling the service center, and the servicer will take the machine apart and not solve the problem at the end.

This article will teach you to clean your machine by using only 16 ounces of white vinegar and Clorox bleach. These two ingredients should never be used together as they are both toxic and poisonous. Use the bleach and then the vinegar on the second cycle.

First, wipe all the parts of your washing machine that you can reach with a rag soaked into equal amounts of warm water and bleach.

The areas that cannot be scrubbed easily should be treated by putting the soaked rag in them and living the rug on the spot for 30 minutes. In this way the bleach will kill all the mildew. When the cleaning is done, turn on your washing machine on the hottest cycle without any clothes inside. This will clean the remained bleached.

On the second cycle, add the vinegar and keep your machine on the hottest cycle. After this treatment with bleach and vinegar, your washing machine will be mildew free.


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