Girl Saved By American Soldier, Who Lied To Authorities For Her Sake, Reunites With Her Savior After 18 Years!

Meet Lt. Col. Greg Pepin, who served in Iraq back in 1996. One day, he saw a desperate Kurdish woman with a baby in her hands. Young Awaz Barwari was trying to cross the border of the country.

She had been put on a kill list by Saddam Hussein simply for working at American Nongovernmental Organization. The US officials arranged a permission for Awaz to leave; however, her baby daughter wasn’t on the list.


The soldiers offered the young mother to give the infant to someone else and then find her when they both cross the border. However, Awaz wouldn’t let her little Lava; she wouldn’t abandon her child — it was too risky!

That’s when Lt. Col. Greg Pepin stepped in and offered his help. He said he could cross the border with Lava as his own child because he had the passport.

Awaz entrusted her precious baby to him, and the two safely made it to Turkey. Subsequently, Awaz settled down in America and Lava grew up there.

For her graduation, the young girl invited her savior, whom she had never seen, but had known since childhood, and whom she had found as part of her school project. Watch their heartwarming reunion.

Source: Fabiosa

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