Girl wasn’t allowed on a roller coaster because she weighed 265 pounds, so she decided to change her lifestyle. You won’t believe what she looks like now

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to judge for physical appearance than for human values. The aesthetic dimension of the body is considered so important that we can discriminate against people with a physical disability, obesity or who are at the margins of what is considered beautiful or fashionable.

Many people criticize obesity and Mathilde Broberg was a victim of these people. She was an obese girl who used to weigh 265 pounds. One day she visited a theme park and experienced something which changed her life. She was about to get on a roller coaster when those in charge of the ride didn’t allow her on because of her weight.

It was a problem because the equipment wasn’t designed to carry such weight. Even though it was for her own safety, she felt deeply ashamed, experiencing pure rejection in the flesh. This made her want to change her image and delved into an almost mythical project: Reaching her ideal weight.

In three years, Mathilde had not only reached her recommended body weight, but her ideal body. She went from being obese to being a model and personal trainer.

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Motivation _ Just a little reminder to ya all; YOU can achieve your dreams and goals! _ Rrrule numba 1️⃣ Educate yourself in healthy eating habits, calories (and macros) and how they effect our weight, meal portions sizes, activities, workout/fitness knowledge etc Don’t ‘just’ get the inspo – READ about it on real ‘valid’ websites! It’s supa dupa important guys ☝️ _ Second of all; you need to RELAX It will take time and after you’ve reach your goals you gotta stick to the lifestyle! Therefor you need to find a fine and nice balanced way of ‘dieting’/living your new lifestyle ✍ You cannot get back to old habits ever again (well not in the same way but u got me) – ofc there will be time for bad days/times – but you still gotta get back up again ❤️ You gotta embrace your new way of living instead of making it your enemy or something negative _ Yes, it WILL be tough and hard – but that’s just how life is sometimes.. Either you gonna struggle in the bad times you have now OR you can struggle while reaching your goals.. Up to you Stuff to think about _ I’ve been +120kg once (2010, 14 years) and I’ve lost 63 kg from 2012 to 2015 I lost the first 35 kg in 1 year and then I started working out and the rest came off over a time period of 2 years. And I’ve been wearing a size Small for 3 years now (surrealllll) Been a size XXL for soooo many years I’ll never get used to the fact that I actually made it. _ Educate yourself and have faith (and patience, determination, will-power, damn strong self control…) and most important: STAY STRONG! _ And I guarantee… If I can do it.. So can YOU! Trust me – I’m a lazy fuuuckk when it all comes down to nothing I have Sloth drinking coffee tattooed on my arm (kinda says it) Buuut I’m also determined if I want something! _ #glowupchallenge

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Although the change was positive and she now feels much better emotionally and physically, the motivation for her transformation could have been traumatic.

Now she is very happy because she can be an inspiration for everyone who struggle with excess weight.

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