Groom Repeatedly Kisses Another Woman In Front Of His Bride – Made Guests Crying

Weddings are one way of reuniting with long-distance relatives. They came to witnessed the oneness of the couple and also, bond with the attendees too. Hitting two birds with one stone, right?

It takes alot of preparations to tie the knot. You have to think about the theme, color palette, venue and the challenging part-who to invite and the entourage.

After uttering wedding vows, they then, proceed to the venue or reception where foods and drinks are served, guests interact with each other, and dancing the night away.

Dancing with the parents are part of the traditions. This bride cried her hearts out after seeing his husband dancing with her mother.

Kristeena and Luke Rheault have been dating for 8 years after deciding to tie the knot. They decided to follow traditions but had hard time thinking how Luke could do it since her mother is suspended to a wheelchair. She suffer from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), a disease that directly affects one’s ability to control muscles necessary for breathing, speaking, moving, and eating.

Luke approached his ALS-stricken mom, knelt down to her level, and “danced” with her by mildly swinging her wheelchair while repeatedly kissing her.

Everyone’s eyes shed tears of seeing the heartfelt dance. Even her mother started crying too thinking that this would be their final dance.

Luke’s mom eventually passed away but the bride said she’s happy that her husband got to share that special moment with his mother before she died.


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