Guests interrupts catholic wedding with a singing performance and everyone is stunned

Every wedding has some special moments and the one from the story below had plenty of them. The wedding ceremony is supposed to be just perfect in every way. So every couple tries to plan everything months in advance. But sometimes, other people can make some changes and that’s exactly what happened to Neil and Tricia.

Their quest had a plan of their own, and what they did left everyone in tears.


Everything started when the couple was going to say their vows. The wedding ceremony was interrupted by a small voice from the back. But luckily, it wasn’t objecting to their union and the bride and the groom were relieved.

Moreover, it was the beginning of an incredible flash mob no groom or he bride knew about. The guests began to sing, and it was simply wonderful.

They performed a touching rendition of “How Great Thou Art.” Their singing clearly surprised everyone, and the bride was so overwhelmed that she burst into tears. I am sure Neil and Tricia will cherish this day forever and they have all the reasons to.

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