Happy Mom Comes To Her Daughter’s Wedding, But There Is One Thing They Both Can’t Hold Tears About

It’s hard to lose those you love, but it’s you who can make sure they will always live in your heart. Only you can make the memory about their lives live forever.

That day in the photo was the happiest in the life of this woman. It was the wedding she had been waiting for so long and will remember it with a smile on her face. It was the day when everyone was happy about her and congratulated her on the creation of her new family.


Everyone was around, but one of the most important people in her life was missing. And it was her father that had died 20 months earlier. So, together with her mom, they wanted to commemorate him in their dance. They just hugged and danced, and no one around couldn’t hold their tears. At that moment, they felt his presence and love.

And the only thing left for us to remember is that those we dearly love are always with us, no matter where they are. They are happy about every our achievement and sad about every sorrow we have to live through. They help us everywhere we go and hold our hand when we need it most.

This story is more than touching, but it shows us how great our life is when there are people who love and remember us.

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Source: fabiossa.com

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