Have You Seen Something Similar In Other Movie Posters? We Bet You Have!

Marcia Belsky is a comedian which noticed five years ago something funny about movie posters.

We will show you some of them notice the thing by yourself:




Did you see it? Marcia noticed that many women in the movie posters are headless and this is kind of a new trend. 





The study is called “The Headless Women Project”. 

“By taking out the woman’s head, you also remove completely the question of her consent or pleasure. She is there to be looked at, and that is her sole and unquestionable value”, said Marcia to BuzzFeed.







The comedian saw the same trend with men:





“It affects how we see ourselves, how we define our value, and how others both see and treat us. I want girls to realize that they have value outside of their appeal to men, and to decide their value for themselves rather than letting it be defined by men. I want them to think and have a conversation about it.” She wants to stop this trend.

If you see any movie posters with headless women, you can send them to The Headless Women Project.

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