Hero dog refuses to leave his dying friend, standing by her side. This action saved his life

You do good to others, you get good from others. A dog received this lesson by saving his injured friend.

Two golden retriever mix dogs were hit by a train in Durban, South Africa. The one who was less injured, named later Hero, helped his friend by bringing her food and standing next to her untill the SPCA arrived.
Hero was adopted after this incident, but unfortulatelly his friend couldn’t survive because of a severe spinal injury.


SPCA received a call one month ago that two dogs were hit by a train. When the SPCA agent arrived, he notices that one on the dogs was hurt. The other dog, Hero, took care of her all this time.


Even when the agent carried his friend to the SPCA’s vehicle, Hero  was there to make sure she was in good hands. 


Unfortunatelly, the injured dog couldn’t make it and was humanely euthanized.


Hero was adopted by a mother of three, named Shiri Connor.

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