Homeless Man Was Ignored For Many Days Until A Good Samaritan Came By And Helped Reunite Him With His Brother

While homelessness is not news today, it is sad to admit that the number of homeless people in the United States seems to be on a constant rise. Oftentimes, people see them on the corners of the streets looking all dejected and disgusting and turn the other way.

Johnny Servantez like most people used to ignore homeless people on the street. But that was until he met Johnny Rhodes outside a flea market in Indianapolis.

Though he had determined to keep walking, Servantez just found himself drawn to Rhodes when he saw him begging for change that day. Against his personal decision, he stopped and gave Rhodes some money.

He later took a picture of the homeless man and shared on social media. Several other people probably had the same compassion on Rhodes and shared the picture severally. The image went viral and eventually fell on Rhodes’ brother (Danny Rhodes) screen!

It happens that after their mother died seven years ago, both brothers had lost touch. Seeing that post, Danny determined to go all out in search of his brother.

When he got to his usual spot though, Johnny was not there. So Danny enlisted the help of a family friend – Amy Renae to find him. Thankfully, the search was successful and Johnny was found and reunited with his brother after seven years.

Who could have imagined that Servantez’ decision to stop and lend a helping hand that day was going to have such a drastic impact on Johnny’s life? It sure pays to lend those hands of kindness to those in need no matter how small it may seem to us.

Source: Fabiosa

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