How Look Like Now The World’s First Surviving Septuplets

Bobbie McCaughey gave birth to seven children in 1997- four boys and three girls. These children are famous because they are first ever surviving septuplets.



Kenny, Kelsey, Natalie, Brandon, Alexis, Nathan and Joel were called the ’Seven From Heaven.’ The parents, Bobbie and husband Kenny, were very grateful for this God’s gift. They surrounded their babies with a lot of love and care.


These children are no longer babies. They are now 19 years old.


Back in 1997, Bobbie followed a fertility treatment because she and her husband wanted a second baby. The surprise came when they’ve found out that she’s pregnant not with one or two, but with seven babies! The couple declined selective reduction to reduce the number of infants.


The babies were really tiny when they were born, weighing between 1,13 kilos and 1,5 kilos. Thanks to the great doctors, all the babies survived and grew up healthy. Alexis and Nathan were born with forms of cerebral palsy, but both of them underwent surgery and now they are doing well. Today they are healthy and in school.


The family was helped by many people and charity foundations. The family got a new big house, and the kids had free meals at school and still went on vacations.

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