In Case Of A Heart Attack You Have 10 Seconds Only To Save Your Life! Here’s What You Should Do (VIDEO)

A heart attack is the leading cause of death worldwide. Unfortunately, this serious medical emergency cannot be predicted. However, there are certain useful advice that could possibly save your life in case of heart attack.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to apply this advice we’re about to share, but it’s good to know that you can help yourself or someone you care about in such an unfortunate situation before the ambulance arrives.

Many people panic, with no idea of what to do when they suspect a heart attack.

Thus, they end up falling unconscious within a few seconds.

However, in spite of the fact that you only have a few seconds to react,

you can still do something that can be potentially life-saving.

First, you must call an ambulance.

After you’ve called professional help you need to start coughing forcefully!

Start coughing deep and strong; don’t stop, in a period of two seconds, extending the exhale. This can save your life or the life of someone you care about.

By doing this you allow your blood to flow back to the heart and allowing it took work normally. This kind of pressure balances the heart rhythm.  By doing this it can prevent future damage until you can reach a medical.

Watch the video to see exactly how to cough during this situation.


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