Love Conquers All: A Man, Determined To Help His Sick Wife, Shared Emotional Details Of Their Journeys

William tried to win Katya’s heart for several years, and finally, she said “yes”.  Now, even a horrifying diagnosis couldn’t prevent them from living the life of their dreams.

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William Cheyney, 35-year-old, has moved to Russia 14 years ago to study Russian at prestigious Moscow University. Later, he started working for his father’s agricultural company. He moved to Voronezh, and there, he met Ekaterina Rusyaeva, who was his colleague at that time. He fell in love at first sight. William shares his impressions:

” I signed a contract without checking my salary. I wanted only one thing – to see her smile and hear her voice.”

For several years, he was trying to win her heart, but all his efforts were fruitless. Katya only considered him a friend.

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In 2012, Katya was diagnosed with cancer in abdominal cavity. The prognosis was unfavorable: only five years left to live. But Katya still continued going to work, no matter what. William said:

“When I saw my beloved woman again, I was impressed with her positive attitude. Katya met her friends, she spent time with her nephew Stepan, but she treated me only as a friend.”

He could not bear it any longer and confessed his feelings to her, “in a very boyish way, right on the staircase”. But she only said that he is just a good friend to her.

However, in 2013, like any genuine woman, something changed, and Katya kissed William.

“I was in the seventh heaven. I knew about her diagnosis, she has told me but it did not stop me.”

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It was the beginning of their heart-melting love story, and in June, the couple made their first journey to Santorini. Later, they started travelling 4–5 times a year. William thinks that these trips have become her reason for living,

“I think now that Katya kept living thanks to these trips. She planned the routes, she studied the cuisine, she bought new clothes and organized photo sessions.”

Once, when they were in Barbados, they were running away from huge waves, and William was holding her in his arms, realizing that he was ready for everything just to keep that girl with him. So, he proposed to her on a beach in St. Lucia, offering her his grandmother’s engagement ring.

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They got married in Sardinia, and William couldn’t believe his happiness. Even though he understood that his beloved woman could pass away any day, he said,

“But it was better to love and to lose somebody rather than (to) never experience such a feeling.”

Together, Will and Katya have visited England, Scotland, France, Turkey, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Greece, the Philippines, the Maldives, the Seychelles and the Caribbean.

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In spite of Will’s love and support, Katya’s health has deteriorated. The couple spent their last days together on the Maldives, where the woman couldn’t eat and walk. On her last day, Katya wanted to swim in the ocean for the last time, so Will brought her a rubber ring and carried her to the water. The sea was warm, and she was just floating on the waves under the sun. She didn’t even care if she got sunburned, the waves made her feel weightless. William wrote in his post later,

“It was probably the most emotional moment of my life. I can’t begin to imagine what thoughts were going through her head but I like to imagine that she is somewhere similar now. Swimming peacefully and painlessly in a warm ocean by a beautiful tropical island.”

After his wife’s death, William is happy that he hasn’t spent his money on a house or car. Instead, he was able to give his beloved girl the greatest impressions and memories that kept her alive longer. Their pictures are so stunningly beautiful and filled with love and life in every detail. You can’t help but think that this woman with an incurable disease was much more alive than many other healthy people.

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