Man Finds New Love After His Fiancée Dies, But He Can’t Believe His Eyes When He Sees Photos From His Archive

Do you believe in fate? Sometimes, we have so many unexpected events going on that we start thinking that it is not a coincidence. Life takes some unexpected turns, which have the capacity to surprise. The love story of this couple began in their early childhood and ended 30 years later after one tragic event.

Justin Pounders was in a severe depression after his fiancée, Adrianne Roberts, passed away. He was sure that he would never find love again. His mother prayed every day and hoped that Justin would meet someone who could make him happy.


After some time, her prayers came true. One day Justin made a decision to register himself on a dating website, and he was lucky to meet a wonderful woman there. Their relationship developed rapidly, and they soon couldn’t imagine their lives without each other. One day, Justin decided that it was the right time to introduce his new girlfriend, Amy Giberson, to his mother.

That’s when the most unexpected situation in his life happened. His mother showed him some photos from his preschool. Justin thought that the little girl on the pictures looks very familiar. It turned out that Justin’s new girlfriend was his first love before he even went to school. They met each other when they were kids. He was shocked and couldn’t believe that it is real. Finally, he was in love again after a year of depression.

Around 30 years have passed until they met each other again, and this time, they plan to stay together forever. The couple believes that Adrianne Roberts is their guardian angel that helped them find one another. It is a miracle that after such a hard period, Justin was able to remain strong and become happy again!

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Source: Fabiosa

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