Mom Decided To Visit Her Daughter After A Long Stay Apart, But What She Found On The Plane Board Made Her Burst Into Tears Of Happiness

It’s a common thing for parents to find their children growing up and leaving their family nests. But why it is so difficult for our caregivers to let us go? Probably, we all remain little kids for our parents no matter what age we are.

What can be more exciting than making gifts to our closest people in the entire world – our parents? Finding a perfect present is not always easy. Our parents worked extremely hard during their whole life to make our holidays amazing and unique, and now, it’s our duty to do the same thing.


Sofia was going to visit her daughter in Dubai for the very first time. But, the woman had no idea about a special surprise waiting for her on the plane board. It made her burst into tears of happiness. Her daughter works as the Emirates cabin crew. Mother and daughter haven’t seen each other for a while, so Sofia was extremely excited about their future meeting.

The woman boarded the plane, and after a while, she decided to ask the cabin crew to bring her a glass of water. Imagine Sofia’s surprise when she saw her own daughter among the crew members. She stood speechless for a few minutes, and then, mother and daughter started hugging each other and crying from happiness.

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