Mom Is Scared Before Her Son’s Surgery. She Writes A Heartwarming Post About His Courage That Wins Internet!

Finley Noah Blumenthal, or simply Finn, has been fighting for life since he was born in January 2015. Along with him fought his mom Kelly, his dad Michael, and his elder son Mason, as well as many doctors and nurses who have treated the little boy.


Their story is an amazing journey of defying all odds, and medical prognosis. It’s a story of miracles and sharks, of dedication, love, and support. And we simply love it!

When Kelly was pregnant, her ultrasound showed that the baby had the heart abnormality. The further research gave horrible conclusion: Finn would unlikely survive his birth, and even if that happened, he would unlikely outlive several minutes after.

There was a tiny chance that the baby would make it. And in this almost impossible case, he needed the immediate open heart surgery.

It was devastating news, but Kelly and Michael pulled themselves together and decided to do everything within their control to make the miracle happen of the amazing baby!

Amazingly Finn is a real survivor! The brave boy defied all odds, and now he’s almost three!

In September 2017, the child needed one more open heart surgery. His mom Kelly was really worried, and to calm down, she wrote a touching tribute to Finn!

This precious message will always remain in our hearts, and we sincerely hope, that Finn will read it as a grown-up! So far, he’s got important things to say:

Source: fabiossa.com

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