Mom Spots Duct-Taped Box on Road. But When She Sees Two Holes Cut into Side, Knows She Has to Help

It is not unusual to see garbage on the side of the road. Perhaps someone dumped it there on purpose, or it could have fallen out of the back of a car.

When Ebony Jones noticed a cardboard box on the side of the road, she could have ignored it. However, she noticed some holes cut in the side of the box, and she followed her instincts.

She and her daughters stopped to see what was in the box. When they discovered what was inside, they jumped into action.

Inside the box were four abandoned puppies. Jones knew they couldn’t keep the puppies, so they immediately called for help.

A local couple took the puppies in and are making sure they go to a good home. One of the puppies is being adopted by Jones’s friend, and the others will be going to the Southern Pup Rescue.

In an interview, Jones said she was upset that the puppies were left on the side of the road. After all, an animal rescue shelter was located right around the corner.

“The sad part was that it was right on Marquette Road, and just around the corner there was an animal rescue place where they could have been dropped off,” Jones said, “You could have easily put them somewhere safe.”

While whoever abandoned these puppies may have hoped for the best, that is not always the case. A couple in Texas stumbled upon a similar situation but with a shocking twist.

On the side of the box, they discovered the words “Shoot me.” Inside were six puppies.


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