Mom’s About To Teach Her Kid An Important Lesson When A Stranger Interferes. It Ends Up Being A Great Experience!

How important is it for children to learn that they will lose at some things no matter how hard they try? It’s a part of life, and we really need to adapt to some aspects just to survive and get out of stress. Somehow, we need to change our attitude to overcome the hardships of our life.

That’s what The Thinking Branch project is about. Meet its founder — Brea. She’s a writer, a photographer, a wife, and a mom of three.


When she was very young, Brea experienced the death of her close friend Seth. Somehow, the 17-year-old girl has always tried to find beauty and meaning in the smallest things. That’s where the writer takes her prospective, working hard to see positive even in the most negative events.

Brea shares her thoughts about life, children, motherhood, love, and many other important things on her website and via social media. One of the writer’s stories was about how she tried to teach her 4-year-old to accept losing.

The child wanted a Poppy doll desperately (if you’ve seen the Trolls movie, you should understand why). There was a lottery, and the girl kept on giving one dollar after another in an attempt to win the toy.

Unfortunately, there was no luck! At some point, Brea understood it was enough money for that day and told her daughter that it would be the last one. And it was an unsuccessful try.

The child sobbed, and Brea hugged her. The thoughts were whirling in her mind. Any mother can relate to that. At some point, she was ready to give up but then decided to teach a lesson of accepting the bitter loss and the fact that you can’t get everything you want.

At this point a woman interfered, saying that she’d pay for another ticket for Brea’s daughter. Amazingly, she won and handed that Poppy doll to the child, who couldn’t believe her eyes!

Probably this woman interfered with what could’ve been a very good and important lesson. But she provided another one, and we think it’s even more crucial in life — to learn how to give and share!

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