Mother Accused For Feeding DOG FOOD To Her Children

A woman was invited to The Jeremy Kyle Show because she was accused of feeding cher children dog food.

Mum-of-three Alice was also accused of locking her kids in a room with a bucket and dragging them down the street by their hair and sending them out to but cannabis.



Alice denied everything and said that she was protecting the kids from their violent father.

Jenny, the woman’s daughter said on the show: “The house were that filthy. Rats were running around in the house.”

The girl also claimed that she caught her mother having sex with a man in the living room: “He was stark naked on the floor, she was on top of him.”

Alice punished her kids by locking them in a room bucket where they were supposed to to relieve their bowels.

Jenny added: “She dragged us up and down the street by her hair. At ten years old, she sent us out to buy cannabis.”

Jenny’s sister denied her mother was being a bad parent, but brother Steven stayed by Jenny’s side.


He told on the show: “She beat me up. She fed us dog food.”

After Alice denied violence, Steven said: “I’ve got a scar to prove it.”

Violet, the woman’s sister revealed she had taken Jenny in at 14 and had helped bring Steven up because Alice, “Couldn’t cope with him.”

She yelled at Violet: “Shut your mouth before I put you down.”


Alice also lied when she told her son his dad had “gone on holiday” when he died – and she didn’t tell Jen her dad was dead for over three years.

The tearful mum ended up backstage and claimed she had “done nothing wrong” but then with some more cajoling from Jeremy, apologised.

Asked what if she thought their upbringing was unacceptable she agreed and said she wished she had behaved differently.

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