New Fashion For Your Hair That Is Really Juicy And Can Give You That Fantasy Look

Fashion trends come and go, but when it comes to hair, the subject in question is even more fickle and can surprise a lot of people with a thousand and one different ways a certain trend can go.

We have already seen the fire extinguisher red hair trend, the platinum blond, the regular browns, and those are only to mention the colors. If we mentioned haircuts, we would have so much styles and dos to discuss that we would have to set up a three-day workshop, at least, to cover only the basics.


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But the fashion trend changed once more, and a brand new fad in coloring has just emerged. This color is classified as a fantasy-type, and it is something that will make your jaw drop seeing that the succulent hair, or hair of juicy, has apparently come to stay. Inspired by the color of the plant that dominated home décor last year, the most beautiful contrasts and tones were created for female heads.

There are several shades and tones that range from a light lavender to a bright purple that can dazzle the onlooker. Not to mention the greens, ranging from the more opaque to the more intense. The hair colors try to create the natural nuances of the plants that are light purple at the tips, by applying a technique that involves a kind of ombre between two colors.

The fashion has already gained many adepts and has been conquering even more people. Here are some looks for you to check out. Who knows, maybe you will feel like adhere to fad and having your own succulent hair!

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