Octomom Gave Birth To Her Octuplets 8 Years Ago, And What She Looks Like Today Will SHOCK You

So some years back, there was this woman, Nadya Suleman, whose most burning desire was to have children, and she catalogued her efforts to get pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. Soon, she was pregnant with eight children, and the Internet celebrated with her. Never mind how she was going to take care of all those kids. In this pic below, Suleman is a week away from giving birth.

The view from the side was even more startling. Can you imagine how carrying eight babies must have felt on her back? Credit Suleman with having the fortitude to endure all that discomfort. And credit her with being brave enough to put all of this on social media, because the ensuing backlash probably made her wish she had never done any of this.


She had already picked out names for each of her eight children. She wanted her kids to have Biblical names, so it’s no surprise that she chose: Noah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Josiah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Makai and Nariyah. For the meanings of each, you will have to do a Google search. But here are the eight little wonders.

Octomom never failed to show her kids off in a photo-op. It gave people a chance to see how her children were growing. And it gave Octomom precious social media capital, because let’s face it, the only reason she was famous was her children.

But as you know in America, nothing good lasts for very long. Pretty soon, media hounds discovered that Octomom may not have told the entire truth about being desperate to have kids. Because it turns out, she already has six children way before she advertised herself as someone who had never given birth. What a pity. Because her eight new children sure did grow up too look cute, as you can see below.

Evidence was uncovered showing one of those prior children touching his mom’s belly, as you can see in the pic below. What isn’t clear is why she would perpetrate this fraud other than she was so desperate for fame that forsaking her other children was worth it. Some thought she actually had some psychological problems.

After she was caught in her lie, Octomom didn’t do what reasonable people would, which is to fess up and apologize. Instead, she made excuses for her behavior, and then doubled-down on her increasingly-abrasive persona, by giving interviews in which she said she hated babies, and that she wished she had never had them.

It turns out that Octomom had all of her 14 children through in-vitro, which gives some insight into her mindset. If she already had a half-dozen kids, why would she go back to the well and use in-vitro again? This was clearly a woman who needed attention.

Even her own mother turned against Suleman, giving interviews in which she said that her daughter was obsessed with children, even though she couldn’t take care of them. Indeed, Suleman was soon forced to go disability due to back condition that didn’t allow her to work full-time. But it’s hard to imagine taking care of 14 children would alleviate that condition.

Not content to merely be famous for giving birth to eight children, Octomom soon went on a TV interview tour in which she claimed she was drugged when she agreed to have 12 embryos implanted into her womb.

But in these interviews, she finally admitted that she has a ton of emotional problems to work though. You think? She listed anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder as just three of her issues. And she said that because of her anxiety, she only got two hours of sleep per night. Pretty sure those 14 children are the main reason for her lack of sleep.

Suleman’s issues are plentiful, and you do get a sense that she is a confused woman, or at least she was back during the time when she first gave birth. She seemed like a woman who needed to find herself, and had no compass to give her direction. Meanwhile, her 14 kids deserved better than a mom whose driving reason for bringing them into the world was fame.

So after what amounts to her 15 minutes of fame, which included outlets paying to film inside her home, fame kind of dried up for Octomom. The world moved on to the newest car wreck, leaving her to take care of 14 children without the money that was coming in when her story was fresh and interesting.

Gone were the staged paparazzi shots of Suleman in her car, trying gamely to avoid being seen. She was no longer a viral sensation, but had instead become an object lesson in how people can go way too far to gain public attention. She was a cautionary tale, a pitied figured, someone whom the social media world laughed at.



Looking back at her infamy since 2009, Octomom has recently talked about how she made many mistakes. She no longer goes by the nickname “Octomom,” and since 2013, she has kept a very low profile. She said she is dedicated to raising her kids and being a good human being, and not “violating my value system.”

Her “a-ha” moment came when her oldest daughter started behaving in ways that were eerily familiar to Suleman. This mad her realize that if she didn’t change, her children would follow in her footsteps, especially her daughters. It seems as if being a role-model mother is now Suleman’s main goal in life.

And judging by the happy expressions of her famous octo-kids, she is doing a good job. The children seem to be well adjusted and thriving. And apparently, their mother has them all on a vegan diet to promote good health.

At eight years old, they still have a chance not to be damaged by their mother’s bad choices, so here’s hoping Suleman continues to stay on the straight and narrow path.

Source:  http://viralized.com

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