On his birthday, Matthew McConaughey surprised everyone with an unexpected gesture

Matthew McConaughey has millions of fans all over the world and he knows what to be more appreciated. And his last gesture surprised everyone.

Celebrities are known for their creative ideas for birthday celebrations, but Matthew McConaughey managed to find the most unusual way to spend his 48th birthday. Instead of having a huge birthday party, McConaughey went to Kentucky to help deliver 4,500 turkeys to local families ahead of the Thanksgiving Day.


McConaughey together with the volunteers from “Wild Turkey Gives Back” project went to every local family in the small town of Lawrenceburg and donated free turkey to people. The aim of this noble action was to raise everyone’s festive mood on the eve of the holidays period. Matthew said to volunteers:

“We believe in our family that the more you’re thankful for, the more you’re going to create in your life to be thankful for”.

Locals confessed they were totally surprised to see the famous actor and Oscar winner in front of their doors with Thanksgiving turkeys in his hands. And don’t forget, it was his birthday. One of the local women could not hold back her happy emotions:

“What a good and generous heart he has. God bless this good man”.

Matthew McConaughey is really a “good guy” type. He and his wife, Camila, are known for their significant charity work. They founded the “Just Keep Living Foundation” aimed to help young people in getting the education and empowering them to make positive life choices.

Matthew McConaughey proved he is not just one of the Hollywood biggest stars but also a man with a big heart. The actor’s charity work is mostly directed toward children and their good future. McConaughey often says that if he has a chance to help anyone who needs help, he will do whatever he can to make at least someone’s life better.

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