Optical Illusions With Clothes. How To Achieve Ideal Proportions

When we look back at the history of fashion, we can clearly see that using optical illusions with clothes has quite a long history.


To visually look thinner, young ladies used corsets. To make their legs visually longer, they wore high-waist skirts. Why not take advantage of these optical illusions to look more beautiful?

Vertical stripes

Vertical strips make your figure more slender. However, a long distance between the vertical stripes can have the opposite effect.

Filling the space

The part of your clothing that is not covered with decors, patterns and other details tends to look thinner than the part that is covered with details. So if you want a part of your body to look thinner, do not pile it up with large decorations.

This illusion is especially obvious in terms of sizes and shapes. A small item looks even smaller against the background of a large thing, and vice vera: a large thing looks even larger when surrounded by smaller details. An example is shown in the picture: the large hat looks too large, while the woman’s head looks too small. The woman’s head would have the right visual forms and proportions if the hat was smaller in size. Similarly, a wide sleeve makes a thin arm look even thinner. If your hips are a little wide, you will make them look wider if you tighten your waist too strongly.

Playing with stripes

It is very simple. The right arrangement and thickness of vertical or horizontal stripes can help you look more slender or more massive.

When stripes go down at an angle, your hips look wider.

Illusion that makes you look more slender

If you use a color to divide your figure vertically, you will visually reduce your shapes. Ladies who are a bit overweight will look more slender if they choose a dress, one part of which is white or colored, while the other part is black.


If you want to divert attention from a problematic part of your body, this illusion can handle it perfectly. An example is the picture with a thick cell, which gradually becomes thinner. The part where the cells are larger, respectively, look larger, while the part of your body where the cells are thinner visually look even thinner.

Transferring attention

This technique is perfect for you if you want to shift attention from a certain part of your body to some other parts. If your breast is too wide, while your hips are narrow, you need to to emphasize your hips and make them visually wider.

Study your body well and make sure to use these tips to look more beautiful and harmonious!

Source: Fabiosa

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