Petite woman becomes successful fashion model at just 3ft 4ins tall and has a powerful message

A model with dwarfism hopes to show the world that you can be sexy at any size. Dru Presta, who is 3ft 4ins tall, broke into the fashion industry after moving to Los Angeles two years ago and she decided she needs to change something.

But being confident in her own skin hasn’t always come easy for the 21-year-old, who has overcome 15 years of bullying to get where she is today.


Dru remembered: “The way people reacted was not the best way for a child for ever be exposed to.

Reno, Nevada is really small. So, it’s very small in diversity. They weren’t quite accepting to the fact of something that was different. Something abnormal. They definitely rung me out really hard. They teased and they made hurtful names. I just stuck out like a sore thumb.”

Thankfully, Dru’s life changed forever when she moved to LA. She was finally able to pursue her passion for fashion – finding stylish clothes to fit her small frame and landing her first modelling jobs.

Dru explained: “My fashion sense was honestly non-existent back home until I moved to Los Angeles. I did what I could at stores. I was doing my best with fixing them.

“To find fashionable clothes is probably the most relieving thing in the world.

“I get to freely express who I am without having to worry if it’s something uncomfortable because it’s not me, specifically, for my body type.”

As Dru chased her dreams of becoming a model, her self-esteem was hugely boosted when she began landing her first roles.

She said: “Modelling has boosted my confidence a ton. I feel a lot sexier in front of the camera, it’s like a different Dru that likes to be exposed. Honestly, there is just no other words, I love being in front of the camera.”

Dru, who runs her own body-positive Instagram page, hopes that her work will serve as inspiration for others who aren’t comfortable in their own skin.

She’s also motivated to change the perceptions of what sexy is in the fashion world.

Dru said: “I want everybody in the fashion world just to be accepted.

“I want anybody to be able to walk that runway just like anybody else – whether you see them rolling down the runway in your wheelchair or on crutches.

“I want people to be able to feel like they can do it just like anybody else. And I want the fashion world to be able to see that – we’re just like everybody else.

“My advice for people with dwarfism who would love to become a model is just to do it.

“I want people to be able to feel as free as I do.”

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