Postman Put 101 Balloons In Woman’s Backyard To Teach Her One Specific Lesson

Everybody likes surprises as they make us feel happy and satisfied. But most of us don’t get them too often because they are mostly preserved for some special occasions. Surprises are mostly prepared by friends and relatives, but this story is an exception to this rule.

When Laura Stegenga came home from the hospital, she saw a bunch of heart-shaped balloons in her yard. When she came closer, she saw that each balloon had a name written on it. But she didn’t know these people, they were complete strangers to her. At first, Laura was shocked and did not know how to react. In a minute, she started crying and couldn’t believe how lucky she was.

Laura Stegenga is a mother of two children from Minneapolis, who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Of course, she decided to struggle with the disease and started a chemotherapy treatment. The last day of therapy was the moment when she saw all these balloons in her yard.

This surprise was prepared by a mail carrier, Michele Slack, who is also a cancer survivor. The woman says that she knows exactly what Laura feels and just wanted to support her. Michele encourages her not to give up and stay strong in this hard battle with cancer. Together with neighbors, she has prepared 101 balloons and collected donations for Laura’s treatment. What a great deed!

Neighbors wrote their names on balloons to show that they care of Laura and support her decision to fight this serious illness. Laura was deeply touched by such support of the whole community. They inspired her to stay optimistic and never let bad news ruin her life. Also, they helped her finance the treatment, which is extremely important for Laura.

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Source: Newsner

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