Remember This Pregnant Instagram Fitness Model? She Becomes Mom And…

Pregnancy is said to be difficult, but she refused to accept it.

Chontel Duncan, a new mom, has become a hot Instagram celebrity. The model and a fitness expert used to share her pictures of hardcore workout and kickboxing during her pregnancy weeks. She didn’t quit her passion after getting pregnant; she even enjoyed doing workouts with her baby bump.

The fitness guru, Duncan has given birth to a baby boy. He is incredibly fit, happy, healthy and alert. Chontel posted the pictures of her cuddling and kissing the baby on Instagram. She feels very happy and blessed seeing her perfectly healthy champ.

The model and fitness freak, Chontel Duncan, got her pregnancy pictures famous all over Instagram and the Internet.

Her hardcore workouts and an impressive set of abs made headlines everywhere.

The fit mom gave birth to a cute and super-fit baby boy Jeremiah Thomas Duncan.

The baby is utterly happy, healthy and alert; he shocked the hospital staff with his incredible body strength.

She is extremely happy being mom!

The proud mom shares the pictures of her newborn kissing and cuddling him.

The fitness expert had shares videos of herself kickboxing and doing a hardcore strength sessions.

Chontel’s way of carrying herself during her pregnancy left others in shock.

Now after the birth, she is waiting to get back to her action, regular workouts and all fitness activities she used to do.

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