Rude neighbor blocks old man’s driveway with cinder blocks, so he teaches him a valuable lesson, he’ll never forget

There’s nothing we want more than to live a healthy and happy life in a home that we love. However, if we don’t get on with our neighbor, it could cause an unwelcome and unnecessary headache. Yet one man in Osceola County, in Florida wasn’t going to give his neighbor that satisfaction. 79-year-old Oliver Lynch has lived in his home in Osceola County, Florida for the past 25 years. One day, he came home to find a row of cement blocks right down the middle of his driveway.

There was no warning, no explanation. It was as if the cinder blocks appeared out of thin air.

Lynch came to learn that a new neighbor was building a home in the vacant lot next door to his house. The neighbor decided part of Lynch’s driveway was on his new property and wanted to make that known. He even cemented the blocks into the pavement so they couldn’t be moved by hand!

Oliver Lynch was an incredibly head-strong man. He may have been 79-years-old, but he knew the difference between right and wrong and wasn’t afraid to speak up for what he believed in. In fact, Lynch reported in an interview that he hates bullies. Although he was getting older, it didn’t mean he was going to stand there and take someone else pulling the wool over his eyes. No, Oliver Lynch was going to fight his corner.

“I have little fight left in me, and I hate to see somebody bulldoze over me,” he told Channel 9.

Of course, Oliver Lynch approached the neighbor and pleaded his case. However, the neighbor wasn’t having any of it and refused to move the blocks. The dispute continued. To try and solve it once and for all, Lynch found the deeds to his house and the paperwork that proved that the land was his. The evidence stated that he was permitted two 12-foot driveways on his property – which is what he had. Unfortunately, the evidence didn’t cut it.

Although the deeds confirmed that Oliver Lynch was the rightful owner of the area that had been cordoned off by the neighbor, an Osceola County official told Lynch that this was not enough to get them involved in the dispute. In fact, they told Lynch that he either needed to pay for a surveyor to come and look at the deeds or enter into a court battle with his new neighbor. Lynch did not want to do either of these things.

Lynch did not want to get caught up in a long and tedious legal battle with his new next-door neighbor; he just wanted his land back. Lynch hoped that they would be able to amicably sort out of the situation between themselves, and wanted a court case to be a last resort. However, no matter how much he pleaded his case and settled the dispute with his neighbor, the neighbor just wouldn’t budge. The cinder blocks were staying.

Although the news station couldn’t get hold of the neighbor to plead Lynch’s case, the news coverage did have other benefits. As soon as local residents heard of his predicament, they rushed to Oliver Lynch’s aid with sympathy. They couldn’t believe that someone was putting this 79-year-old through such stress, and ruining any chance of a friendly neighbor relationship – all for a few yards of grass. They were disgraced that the neighbor hadn’t even shown his face throughout the process.

In his message to the news station, Oliver Lynch confirmed that he had finally had a proper conversation with his neighbor. It seemed the constant chatter and news coverage had made him aware of his mistakes, and the pair were able to sit down and have a mature conversation about their situation. Eventually, the neighbor gave in and decided it was time to remove the wall of cinder blocks from his land and his driveway. The feud was over.

Thankfully, Oliver Lynch and his neighbor have been able to move on from their feud – which is good, considering they live right next door to each other! This shows that sticking to your guns will hopefully always end in a result you want. Lynch knew he was right, and fought hard to achieve justice, However; there are some people who aren’t as polite as Lynch, and will go to some pretty intense lengths to get back at their neighbors who have wronged them…

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