She Meets Brother She Never Knew Existed, Then He Drops Second Secret Mom Revealed Before Dying

In June, an adopted woman from Washington State got the shock of her life when some research uncovered that she had a brother. Christina Housel was curious about her birth family shortly after she became a mom herself, and decided to investigate her past.

Housel found Lyles James Berryman, who lives in Arizona. The two met for the first time in June.

Though Berryman was a little skeptical at first, but as soon as he saw a photo of Housel, he knew she was his sister. The two have similar features, particularly their noses.

It was during their first meeting that Berryman revealed something Housel’s search did not expose. The siblings had twin sisters who were born somewhere in Florida.

Berryman grew up with their birth mother when he was a young boy. Before her passing, she told him about the twins, but he had never been able to contact them.

Housel and Berryman were determined to find their long-lost sisters this time. With the little information they had, the two posed for a photo to share on social media.

Housel held a sign which read “just met after 30 years,” and Berryman’s read “still looking for twin girls born in Florida around May or April 1992-94.”

Through the magic of Facebook, Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo stumbled across this post.

Adopted at birth and fitting the description of the signs, Rutherford and Bo were convinced Housel and Berryman were their siblings.

For the first time ever, all four siblings were able to meet a few weeks ago. Full of nerves and excitement, the siblings celebrated their union by sharing childhood photos and a celebratory dinner.

Upon meeting, their first remarks were about their similarities. All four siblings have the same nose, something they must have gotten from their mother.

The sharing of photos was also the first time Rutherford and Bo had ever seen their mother. It was an emotional and beautiful experience for all.

These siblings have about three decades of catching up to do, but they seem to be off to a good start! Now as a complete family, Housel, Berryman, Rutherford, and Bo can share their experiences and joys for the rest of their lives.


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