She Opens Gift Bag from Stepmom. Then Looks on Back of Paper and Breaks Down Crying

There are a variety of gifts or fun activities a 10-year-old girl would enjoy if you wanted to surprise her. There is nothing quite like the surprise Brigitte Fries planned for her stepdaughter, 10-year-old Haley, though.

This particular surprise was in the making for a year before it was revealed to Haley. The reveal was captured on video.


Haley broke down in tears once she realized what the surprise was. She was not the only one in tears.

You might want to grab a tissue before watching because it is definitely a tear jerking moment! The surprise took place in what appeared to be a family gathering outside.

Everybody’s attention was directed to an empty chair in the middle of the area. Fries asked Haley to sit down.

Haley noticed that all eyes were on her and asked, “Why am I in the center of attention?” The answer would soon shock her.

Fries handed her a gift bag. Haley pulled out a colorful stuffed animal and commented, “Aw, it’s cute!”

Then, she pulled out a set of necklaces. Fries explained her intention in giving Haley the necklace set.

Haley’s stepmom wanted her to know that she has Fries’ heart. She also wanted her to know the news she got a week prior to the surprise.

Fries filed to adopt Haley a year ago, and it had been approved. Haley was handed her birth certificate with a note on the back that would change her life.

Haley read that Fries’ wish to adopt her had been granted. She tried to continue reading but was overcome with emotion.

The mother and daughter embraced. As Haley told Fries that she loved her, the surprise clearly could not have been better.

Source: liftable.com

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