She Took Care Of Her Husband For 20 Years, And Now Her Son Will Take Her To 20 Countries

Recognizing their sacrifice and showing our appreciation is the least we can do in return for someone’s efforts, and without any shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most valuable and beautiful things you can do for someone.

For more than twenty uninterrupted years, Carla Brooks took care of her husband, Karl, who had suffered a massive stroke. After he died, Carla felt completely lost, and it was then that her son, Barton, had a great idea.


Barton invited his mother to embark on an incredible journey through over 20 countries in Europe, one destination for each year she had taken care of her husband. Barton had this amazing idea while looking through one of his mother’s photo albums, which held Carla’s recorded memories of her trip to Europe in 1962.

The man then wondered if he could help her relive that amazing vacation.

“I called her one day, asked, ‘What are you doing today?’ And she said, ‘I do not know, take a nap or visit some friends’. Then, I told her that we would travel to Paris, and she was very excited, but what she didn’t know was that we would travel for months. Not only to Paris, but also Barcelona, London, and Rome in a great adventure to make up for all the years she devoted her life to my father.”

This incredible journey started on September 29, and the mother and son have already been to Paris, Euro Disney, Switzerland, London, Talacre, Wales, Budapest, Prague, Munich, and Alsace. Barton said that the journey is not just a way to help his mother overcome the loss of his father, but it is also a means of showing his gratitude to her for all the years of dedication to him.

Source: fabiossa.com

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