Single mother sheds seven stone in post-baby weight to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder and you won’t recognize her now

Pippa Merrell, 27, from Baglan, south Wales, shed 7 stone after giving birth and her story became viral.
The single mother committed to 15 weeks of intense cardio and weightlifting. Pippa weighed in at 8 stone 7 lbs when she competed at a Pure Elite at Margate.

A single mother who struggled to shed her post-baby weight has transformed her physique – and fulfilled her dream of becoming a bodybuilder. But this process wasn’t an easy one.

Pippa Merrell, 27, from Baglan, south Wales, made the remarkable transformation into an elite fitness model after shedding 7 stone following her daughter’s birth.

The young mother committed to 15 gruelling weeks of intense cardio and weightlifting training after giving birth to daughter Amara Faye.

Pippa is a care home worker and she set herself the target of ‘bettering’ her body and competing after becoming inspired by bodybuilding.

She said: ‘I had [already] lost 4 stone after giving birth but I was still overweight, and through training and eating tidy I got to where I wanted to be.
‘I faced by fears of getting my post-birth [body] out and dropped another 3 stone in the process.’
She eventually weighed in at 8 stone 7 lbs when she competed at a Pure Elite at Margate Winter Gardens in October.
Pippa was determined to regain her figure after giving birth and improve her fitness by training twice a day for over three months. And results appeared from the very first days.

Pippa, who lives with two-year-old Amara, said: ‘I bought a treadmill and would do fasted cardio in the morning, and then I’d go to the gym.


‘My fitness instructor helped me put together a diet plan and I’d have six portioned meals a day and that helped me a great deal. I wanted to do it for myself and my daughter, so if she is ever in my situation she knows she can still do things in life.

A lot of new mums are in the same situation as me. Your body changes for life once you have children and it can knock your confidence for six. But there are still things you can do for yourself.’

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